TransactionCity.com adds Business Listings and Banner Advertising

TransactionCity.com adds Business Listings and Banner Advertising

Business Listings

TransactionCity.com now offers Business Listings to our sellers. To enable your Business Listing just go to your profile page and update your Business Listing details. Now TransactionCity.com users can locate any respective business or professional by name or filtered search, and from there actually purchase their listed products and services. Most sites either allow the registered user ability to search for businesses and from there go to that businesses website to then make a transaction. TransactionCity.com has completed the search and transact capability with the realization of Business Listings. By updating your business profile your store is also updated with a much more appealing business centric look and feel to better accomodate your selling needs. With Business Listings you can update your contact hours, include a premier TransactionCity.com store profile image, link your social networks, better describe your organization, feature products for highlight display , and even select your business category and sub-category to help better define an end-user’s search result. Business Listings on TransactionCity.com are absolutely FREE! It is important to note that once you have a product your store is automatically enabled on TransactionCity.com! List your business today.

Banner Advertising

Businesses on TransactionCity.com can advertise on TransactionCity.com throughout various defined advertising locations. Advertising on TransactionCity.com is a very effective marketing and solicitation tool. It is important to note that every Banner advertised on TransactionCity.com can also be shared to any social network; which is another way to increase patronage and traffic to your storefront. Localized advertising in a FREE global eMarketplace at its’ finest. Banner advertising on TransactionCity.com is very simple to do and fully automated. No longer do you have to wait for a service representative to create and place your banners. As a registered user TransactionCity.com will accept your Banners and you have the power to initiate and fulfill your own advertising requirements. Banner reporting is available on TransactionCity.com to show the seller much needed reporting details about how many views verse clicks occurred with respect to your Banner posting. The following Banner Advertising locations currently exist on TransactionCity.com:


  • Favorites
  • Favorites Bottom Left
  • Business Listing Top
  • Business Listing Right Top
  • Business Listing Left Bottom
  • Store Bottom Left
  • Feature Business Listing, and
  • Detailed Product Page Top

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