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Mar Bob Lee – BronxNet (WBLS) Inteview Lawren Greene and Larry Pierce 3/30/2015

Dec Founder on the Radio 12/12/2013

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We have the great pleasure of interviewing our friend and long time supporter, Lawren Greene Author, Poet, and Entrepreneur.
His new site Transaction City is The Ultimate Global E Marketplace. His site gives artists, authors and all those of talent, a place to sell their wares and make outstanding connections with those who would look to purchase directly from the creators of the products. If you have books, music, art or anything else to sell just sign up.
Want to learn more about this site please tune in tomorrow. Please tell the people you know who have items to sell. Here is the link
to my books “From Gigolo to Jesus” which is for sale on Lawren’s site, To tune into the show click the link: or call in from your phone 646-200-3838, press 1 to speak to the host.


eMediaCampaigns!: Software Expert, Lawren Greene Wows Online Marketplace with

New York, NY, November 03, 2013 –(– Online buyers and vendors looking for a no-cost, state-of-the-art marketplace where businesses operations are done fairly and freely, get ready. has not only emerged with an impressive alternative to online marketing concepts, it has set a new standard.

The mastermind of the premiere marketing platform is New Jersey’s, Lawren Greene. He has built a mission-driven sustainable marketplace using his small business, executive, and IT capabilities.

Most notably, is the only marketing platform in the world which offers its members Buy Now shopping, auctions, subscription selling, ticketing, wholesale and liquidations options for selling.

Headquartered in Piscataway, N.J., has been described by industry insiders as a second generation online marketing place. The virtual, global eCommerce marketplace enables online businesses from a multitude of industries to market their products directly to their customers. This eliminates the task of having to engage themselves using traditional selling methods and their own websites.

“ is an innovative approach for vendors, sellers, and shoppers,” explained Greene speaking through his PR firm, eMediaCampaigns! “We provide a feature-rich online platform that combines the best of conventional online marketing. New concepts such as product codes are shared with all of the social networks, and a whole lot more.”

Greene says that his aim was to provide a platform where people could create an online presence, but be spared the expense of building a website and fees typically associated with online marketplaces.

Shoppers are able to navigate around the site easily and enjoy an easy checkout. Individuals can conveniently use a tablet or smart phone to sell or buy merchandise.

Vendors are provided with easy product image upload and description capabilities. And buyers are able to purchase from multiple vendors with one checkout.

“We are constantly working towards adding new seller and buyer driven functionality to the site. There are no hidden expenses and no hosting fees. Members receive instant access, and easy check-out with PayPal. The seller has the option of using video for increasing sales. and their product posts are easily shared with all of the social networks. All sellers compete on a level playing field,” added Lawren Greene. “We’re generating traffic for all sellers.”

Ribbon-cutting sellers and buyers who have used other marketplaces such as eBay, were quick to give favorable reviews. Unlike other platforms, has no hidden expenses or hosting fees. is the only marketing platform in the world which offers its members Buy Now shopping, auctions, subscription selling, ticketing, wholesale, and liquidations options for selling.

To learn more or sign up for, visit Alternatively, you may email To book Lawren Green for appearances or speaking engagements, contact his publicist, Fran Briggs, 206.279.0818

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PRESS RELEASE – Launch 10/10/2013


Contact: Lawren Greene

[Elizabeth; New Jersey, 10/10/2013] – A state of the art, multifunctional web based platform has been introduced to offer businesses, and common individuals who do not have websites alike with the opportunity to obtain for themselves a warranted, and legitimate approach in selling their products online. This ultimate purpose is achieved through marketing and advertising, incorporating different strategies to promote and sell their products, while eliminating the need to depend on their existing business websites.

‘TransactionCity’ is an innovative website which allows business vendors to enter a ready to use, virtual, global eCommerce marketplace where different online businesses can market their products directly to their customers without having to engage themselves in traditional selling methods using their own websites. The idea introduced by ‘TransactionCity’ incorporates providing a transparent marketplace where operation of businesses is done fairly and freely. As a result, ‘TransactionCity’ becomes the best alternative when it comes to selecting online marketplace options. It also offers a fresh and unique approach in online selling.

Businesses looking to create a firm foundation on the web will certainly find ‘TransactionCity’ an all-in-one solution to promoting product exposure, visibility in different social media channels, as well as the possibility of finding the best product for purchase. As a virtual marketplace, ‘TransactionCity’ carries the idea of introducing a wide range of unique qualities which sets its difference from other platforms. Sellers and vendors will certainly enjoy the platform’s offerings: no extra fees (even the hidden ones), customized product commentary, video product advertising, dynamic google product placement, multiple product placements, as well as a secure payment system (payment transactions are done through globally recognized PayPal™).  Registration is extremely simple and to the point.

Aside from introducing platform capabilities for buying and auction, ‘TransactionCity’ comes up with yet other amazing services. Here comes the possibility of obtaining subscriptions, eticketing, liquidations and wholesale. With these capabilities, both sellers and vendors are now empowered to exercise their utmost freedom to perform marketing strategies.  At the same time, product and store discounts, as well as promotions are made available to these individuals.‘TransactionCity’ is basically trending up to perform similar to how traditional marketplaces operate.

With ‘TransactionCity’, online sellers and vendors are provided with the amazing opportunity to experience what a virtual marketplace feels like. At the same time, it does not neglect the importance of the end user. As a result, a wide range of customer focused features are constantly innovated in order to provide a transparent, yet enjoyable selling/buying experience. Customers who use ‘TransactionCity’ can certainly attest to the fact that features such as ‘purchase on demand’, like/dislike feature, product inquiry direct from the merchants, and feedback options contribute to the enhancement of user experience, thus building a solid foundation for further future virtual marketplace activity.



Lawren Greene Launches “” – Introduces A Second-Generation Marketing Platform

An innovative approach for vendors, sellers and shoppers providing a feature-rich online platform that combines the best of conventional online marketing with some new innovative concepts.

PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY, September 10, 2013
, It has always been a cumbersome and an expensive experience for Vendors to establish an online marketplace. Thanks to Lawren Greene, all that has changed with the introduction of, the brilliant alternative to traditional online marketing concepts. This new marketing platform truly combines the best of all worlds, and has been declared by industry insiders as a second-generation online marketplace. Continue reading…