TransactionCity.com welcomes the Video Advertising, Shipping Tracking Status, and Product Posting Meta-keywords

TransactionCity.com now offers its’ sellers with the ability to advertise their Youtube™ videos throughout the homepage, category, and sub-category pages. Get more exposure to your product or service without the hassle. There is no limit to the number of category or sub-category pages you can put your YouTube™ video advertisements on.

Meta Description:
“Meta Description” are key words that allow your post to be searched by major search engines on the Internet. For example house, new homes, brick etc. TransactionCity.com allows sellers are now provided with search engine friendly product postings.

Shipping Tracking Status:
Sellers can now provide shipping tracking number status via UPS, USPS, and FedEx. This feature is located in the “Transactions” page of the user menu.  A buyer can check their shipping by clicking on the provided tracking number link.


TransactionCity.com welcomes the Affiliate Program

TransactionCity.com offers its registered users with a state of the art and highly user friendly Affiliate Program.  The Affiliate Program is proprietary to TransactionCity.com and it is just awesome!  Sellers can dictate an affiliate commission on individual products or on a storefront level.  The Affiliate program is 100% social; which means referrers of your product can share your store or product(s) on their social network(s) and earn a commission instantly at the time of sale.  The “Affiliate Embedded Code” that is located on TransactionCity.com’s Detailed Product or Storefront page can be directly coded / inserted onto HTML based websites as well as directly shared.  The Affiliate Program is flexible, unique, easy to use, and Global! Referrals are direct, this is NOT a multi-level marketing platform; referrers generate direct referral commissions on TransactionCity.com at the point of sale.  Affiliate your own products start today!!!  Click on “Affiliate” link in your registered user menu.



TransactionCity.com adds Bulk Product Import / Export

Product Bulk Import and Export has just been added to the TransactionCity.com. No longer; as a Seller, do you need to add or edit products one by one. With the Bulk Import / Export Feature the seller is able to Import product images along with a .csv file containing all necessary add or edit product post information. This is a serious time saver for adding and editing products. With this feature TransactionCity.com opens its’ doors to larger retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and liquidators. Remember, Sellers at TransactionCity.com can offer their Buyers both products and services. The Bulk Product Import / Export is located in the user menu: “Bulk Product Post“.


TransactionCity.com adds Currency Conversion

Currency Conversion has just been added to TransactionCity.com. Our global users now can experience viewing product pricing in their native Currency. A user of TransactionCity.com can change their currency within their Profile Preferences or dynamically throughout the site. Currency Conversion will also show the domestic list price along with the converted price within the shopping cart and at time of checkout.  Currency Conversion takes out the guess work of determining the cost of a product at checkout! It’s important to note that sellers on TransactionCity.com determine whether their product or services are sold domestically or internationally.  TransactionCity.com is committed to the success of our Sellers and Buyers as we continue to make the site stand out above our competitors.  TransactionCity.com is the ULTIMATE GLOBAL eMARKETPLACE!!!



TransactionCity.com adds Business Listings and Banner Advertising

TransactionCity.com adds Business Listings and Banner Advertising

Business Listings

TransactionCity.com now offers Business Listings to our sellers. To enable your Business Listing just go to your profile page and update your Business Listing details. Now TransactionCity.com users can locate any respective business or professional by name or filtered search, and from there actually purchase their listed products and services. Most sites either allow the registered user ability to search for businesses and from there go to that businesses website to then make a transaction. TransactionCity.com has completed the search and transact capability with the realization of Business Listings. By updating your business profile your store is also updated with a much more appealing business centric look and feel to better accomodate your selling needs. With Business Listings you can update your contact hours, include a premier TransactionCity.com store profile image, link your social networks, better describe your organization, feature products for highlight display , and even select your business category and sub-category to help better define an end-user’s search result. Business Listings on TransactionCity.com are absolutely FREE! It is important to note that once you have a product your store is automatically enabled on TransactionCity.com! List your business today.

Banner Advertising

Businesses on TransactionCity.com can advertise on TransactionCity.com throughout various defined advertising locations. Advertising on TransactionCity.com is a very effective marketing and solicitation tool. It is important to note that every Banner advertised on TransactionCity.com can also be shared to any social network; which is another way to increase patronage and traffic to your storefront. Localized advertising in a FREE global eMarketplace at its’ finest. Banner advertising on TransactionCity.com is very simple to do and fully automated. No longer do you have to wait for a service representative to create and place your banners. As a registered user TransactionCity.com will accept your Banners and you have the power to initiate and fulfill your own advertising requirements. Banner reporting is available on TransactionCity.com to show the seller much needed reporting details about how many views verse clicks occurred with respect to your Banner posting. The following Banner Advertising locations currently exist on TransactionCity.com:


  • Favorites
  • Favorites Bottom Left
  • Business Listing Top
  • Business Listing Right Top
  • Business Listing Left Bottom
  • Store Bottom Left
  • Feature Business Listing, and
  • Detailed Product Page Top

Contact us today if you are interested in getting the premier product and service exposure your business deserves!  LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!


TransactionCity.com Bob Lee – BronxNet (WBLS) Inteview Lawren Greene and Larry Pierce 3/30/2015


Autos, Real Estate, Boats and International Flags now on TransactionCity.com!!!

Just when you thought it could not get any better TransactionCity.com has done it again! TransactionCity.com has extended its’ Classified Ads to include Autos, Boats, and Real Estate. Registered users from all over the world can now post their Autos, Boats, and Real Estate listings onto the site for FREE! There is no posting fee.  What’s even more impressive is that the postings are social network ready and a user can share to any social network they desire.
With International Flags you can view the region from which a seller is located.  International Flags goes great with the ability to sort for products and services by region or country. TransactionCity.com is the ULTIMATE GLOBAL eMARKETPLACE!



Live Video Streaming now on TransactionCity.com!!! Ustream and YouTube

TransactionCity.com now offers live integrated Video Streaming to Sellers via Ustream.  Ustream gives the ability to Live Stream your product or service. Live info-commercials, concerts, events, demos, you name it! Place your pre-recorded product or service videos on Youtube and dynamically display them on your detailed product page. Live Streaming via Ustream integration is located on both your detailed product page and on your seller store. This is more than AWESOME! There is no eMarketplace on Earth like TransactionCity.com that offers its’ sellers with the ability to Live Stream; sell and solicit at the same time in such a simplistic manner via a user friendly interface.

Of course there are sites that allow you to do a live product demo and sell your product through their established distribution channels. Unfortunately, everyone does not have the ability or notoriety to get on such marketplaces for the much deserved promotion. Here at TransactionCity.com we have made it so everyone can use our Live Streaming capabilities to get more product or service exposure. TransactionCity.com gives you the power to be creative with your product and utilize some of the best of breed online tools and solutions all in one integrated global eMarketplace. Talk about a next generation Global eMarketplace!!! Today is the day for you to register and start selling on TransactionCity.com!!!



TransactionCity.com offers live CHAT for buyers and sellers

TransactionCity.com has done it again! Now the Ultimate Global eMarketplace provides it’s users with live CHAT functionality. This means that Buyers can communicate directly with Sellers in real time. The live CHAT feature is great for socializing, customer service, and general inquiry.  Take advantage of a global marketplace that has BOTH the Seller and Buyer in mind! The CHAT feature is available on each Seller’s store and throughout their detailed product pages which makes this capability that much more of a necessity to the ever-growing TransactionCity.com community.



TransactionCity.com partners with MailChimp to offer integrated Bulk eMailing services

Amazing news happened this month, TransactionCity.com is now fully integrated with MailChimp.com. MailChimp.com is a full service; and widely known, bulk email provider. Registered TransactionCity.com sellers can click on the “Newletter” option in their user menu and from there create, schedule, and submit product related email campaigns. No other global eMarketplace on the Internet is integrated with a bulk email provider like the TransactionCity.com. Take the opportunity to import your existing email lists into TransactionCity.com via our MailChimp interface. Drive and manage email newsletter subscriptions with the integrated the new “Subscribe to Newsletter” feature made available right on your Seller’s Store and Detailed Product Pages. It’s just too simple! TransactionCity.com offers integration of high-end and compliant bulk email services at its’ finest. MailChimp has a special introductory offer: “Send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free. No contracts, and no credit card required. It’s FREE.” This is no joke and highly effective when it comes to bulk marketing to your patronizing email lists. TransactionCity is not just the Ultimate Global eMarketPlace, we also offer very valuable and integrated high-end marketing tools to best drive your business viewership and sales growth above and beyond expectations.